Lafond’s family

Lafond's family

Winemaker in Reuilly for three generations

This is the story of a family, the story of a passion that is passed on for three generations.

Our winery was created in the early 60’s by André Lafond. This former vineyard worker bought 2.5 hectares of land to plant vines. Year by year, with the help of his son, Claude Lafond, the family vineyard grew to 6 hectares.


When André Lafond died in 1977, Claude, was only 25 years old. He decided to succeed his father with one goal: to revive Reuilly’s vineyard.

Claude Lafond persuaded some friends and cereal producers around to replant vines. Thanks to them, AOC Reuilly grew from 48 hectares to 225 hectares.


Today, Lafond’s vineyard represents 35 hectares of Reuilly, 3 hectares of Valençay and 5 hectares of IGP Val de Loire (PGI). It is now Nathalie Lafond, Claude’s daughter who continues the adventure respecting the family motto:

do what is needed, no more, no less, just at the right time

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“The rosé is remarquable […] La Grande Pièce: floral and acidulous, softly fleshy, is a true gastronomy wine, such as the Cuvée André, more dense and generous”

La Revue du Vin de France

“With a beautiful regularity, the cuvées of whites and rosés are the strong point of the winery […] The red Cuvée André, one of the best in the sector”

Guide Bettane & Desseauve

“I like to do things simply. Wine is above all pleasure and sharing”

Nathalie Lafond