AOP Valençay


Protected Designation of Origin


At the crossroad of Indre and Loir-et-Cher department, the Valençay AOP ( Protected designation of origin) covers 150 hectares along the banks of the Cher river and its tributaries.

The vines grow on slopes made from clay, sand and flint, giving fresh and aromatic wines.


Grape varieties

The Valençay is a blended wine. The white wine, fresh and balanced is made from sauvignon and chardonnay. The red and rosé wines are made from gamay, pinot noir, côt and cabernets.

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A few figures*

AOP: 2004

Number of winemakers: 22 + 1 cooperative winery

Production area: 155 hectares

Total production: 7500 hl

Production of red: 55%

Production of white: 33%

Production of rosé: 12%


Un Sol, Une Plante, Un Climat, Des Hommes