AOP Reuilly


Protected Designation of Origin


The Reuilly AOP (Protected Designation of Origin) is located at the border of the departments of Indre and Cher, 30 kilometres from the city of Bourges. It covers 225 hectares.

The vines are planted on limestone slopes, dominated by sand and gravels on the hilltops. Those exposures, along the banks of the Cher and the Arnon offer round and mature wines.


Grape varieties

Three colours for three grape varieties. The Reuilly AOP offers full white wines made from sauvignon, and light and fruity red wines from pinot noir. Feature of the region, the grey wines, some rosé with a pale colour, made from pinot gris.

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A few figures*

AOP : 1937 for the white wines, 1961 for the red and the rosé

Number of winemakers: 38

Production area: 225 hectares

Area planted with sauvignon: 112 hectares

Area planted with pinot noir: 66 hectares

Area planted with pinot gris: 47 hectares

Total production (2013) : 11960 hl


Un Sol, Une Plante, Un Climat, Des Hommes